In a small town called Svenshögen our kennel is located. Ewa and Kjell lives there in the middle of the forrest close to the lake Hällungen. Me, Jennie, lives not far from my parens but by the sea instead. Here we are living a real ”dogslife”. We have a small kennel with Golden retrievers and Siberian Huskies. Our goal is to breed sound, harmonic and typical dogs.

It was the year 1971, there were not so many goldens in Sweden at that time. Fortunately the cardle of swedish goldens were in Vänersborg and surroundings.
( an area very close to ours.)
A burning intrest for the breed ignite, and a search for a golden started!

  Not until 1973 the first golden was bought ”Daffy”. He was a lovely and friendly dog and the young couple got ” a taste for more”.

A cornerstone of this kennel was now bought ”Max”. It turned out that he was an excellent studdog. He and his children won most ”studdog groups” (of the breed Golden Retriever) over the years in Sweden.

Here you see ”Max” with his children Maxim, Markant, Egil, Elaisa and Mirja all of them has cc´s, BOB´s and group placements. On the photograph they won BIS in Borås for M.Liljehök.

”Max” son and his grandchild, Glader and DreamMax Have a dream, lead the line further on.

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  Int. & Nord. Uch Glader was the top dog in Sweden 1984-85. He won among other things 18 BOB for 18 different judges!
DreamMax Have a dream´s father was since long time bought into the kennel Int. & Nord. Uch. Spervikbuktens Dream. The foundation of the kennel ”Max” and ”Dream”  became DreamMax.
The first bitch was bought from Norway Mjaerumhögda´s Tops again.
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A bit later we bought another bitch Bianca-Bewine. She got all the certificates at show and won among other things BIS at SSRK.

A worth mentioning litter she had is the T-litter, DreamMax Turn around 3cc´s, DreamMax Trubbel maker 3cc´s, DreamMax Take it or live it 3cc´s and 3:e rice on fieldtrail, DreamMax Trust me 1cc and 1:st price on fieldtrail. ”Bianca” got a daughter named DreamMax in my heart. She also had all certificates at show.

The combination between ” In my heart” and Nortonwwod Secreto lead to a great litter…DreamMax Summer surprise 1cc, DreamMax Summer Rush 3cc´s, DreamMax Summer spirit 1cc, & DreamMax Summer light 1cc.

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On this picture you can see the brother Finuch. DreamMax Summer bear.

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  ”In my heart” got a daughter named Nuch. DreamMax Romantic touch. ”Stina” is behind some of todays studdogs, such as Nuch DreamMax Cristmas Adventure.

Out of the same litter as ”Stina” came Nuch. DreamMax Ready for you 6cc´s, DreamMax Real dream 1cc and DreamMax Rifleman 3cc´s.

”Dream” started to show progress in his ”piece of work” and soon we saw his children winning in the ring.

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  ”Dreams” daughter Nuch. DreamMax Grete-Sofie came out of a distinguished litter with DreamMax Grand past love 3cc´s and 1:st at fieldtrail, DreamMax Given dreams 1cc, DreamMax Get-Super 1cc, DreamMax Killpoint 1:st with hounersprice elit class fieldtrail, Finuch. DreamMax Karoline, Lydch. (obedience champion) DreamMax Konkord , Dream Max Keeping Line 3 cc and DreamMax Kamel-Kameliont 3cc´s.

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” Have a dream” gave birth to Nuch. DreamMax Never say never again a top winning bitch in Sweden with her 14cc´s. ”Ida” also became second (as a 10-year old) at Veterans of Veterans in Stockholm.



Since many years we had worked up a relationship with the Nortonwoods in England.  We bought among others ”Ida´s” father Nortonwood Secreto from them. ”Secreto” left his mark on the kennel and at many kennel´s around Scandinavia with his spectacular results on hips, elbows and eyes. He also left behind over 300cc winners.

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  In his last litter he left behind a daughter Melygolds Ever So Happy, who at her first show won BIS 2:nd at a kennel club show in Sweden.
Chribas Cannonball Caddy became the heir after ”Secreto”, when it comes to studwork. ”Caddy” together with Sandusky Kiss and tell  produced Finuch.BDSG-00.Tyskch. DreamMax Pulp fition, Finuch. & Intch. DreamMax Drop zone, DreamMax Exotica 6cc´s and DreamMax Specialisten 2cc´s.

The cooperativness between Nortonwood´s and DreamMax continued with may superb dogs and it left a certain stamp on the future breeding in Sweden and Scandinavia.


Nuch Nortonwood Traves

Latest they helped us to get Multich. & Multiwinner Blakesley Cromwell.


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