We have won breeder of the year at the Swedish Kennel Club (of all breeds),
and 3:e & 5:th in the same competition.

Stenbury Trophy & Iron Coin has been given out since 7 years. We have won
them both 5 years in a row, this year we won Stenbury Trophy for the 6:th
year!(not in a row)
This means that we have owned the top winning show golden during this period
& been the top show kennel in Sweden.

We own the top winning show Golden in Scandinavia Multich.& Multiwinner
Blakesley Cromwell. "Oskar" is also the only Gundog (in Sweden) that has
represented Sweden at Suprem Champion Of Champions in Basel.

Record holder of CC´s before "Oskar" was our own
Nuch DreamMax Christmas Adventure. (Sweden)

Record holder of CC´s (bitches) is Nuch DreamMax Never say never agin.
(Sweden) "Ida" is also the only golden to winn second at
Veterans of veterans in Stockholm.

Top winning studgroups of Goldens in Sweden is Nuch Morsgrisens Max & his
children, he was owned by us.

We have also won Hedertorpet´s Vp for top winning dog´s owned by the same
persons at SSRK/V during 3 decenniums.